On Tour 2017

Auf Tour zu sein ist eines der schönsten Kapitel meines Lebens. Aus  Gemeinschaften die sich am Anfang nur flüchtig gekannt haben sind Familien geworden. Hier könnt ihr lesen was ich nach der letzten Tour an alle geschrieben habe die dabei gewesen sind.

Dear fellows,

now few days did pass since our lovely trip was over, as suddenly and subtle as it began. Since then, I dipped into a whole different world, which is being with my family and finding out what altered beings we are after that time and how we can relate. Luckily, things are going good. It might have been a help to not fall into tour blues. I hope you are all fine too..

I don’t mean to get sentimental, just have a few words I want to share: I’m very grateful for the time we spent, countless little moments are now shivering through this big mass of events I experienced with you. What a group we are, what a way of being, through the thick and the thin, put together by each and every person that was in company. 

In the past years I often had this thought, that in the rush of events I might never really be able to appreciate the ways that lead me there.. Some targets did lay far ahead and I might eventually have reached them, but these targets themselves just held happiness for a very limited amount of time and the long way that led towards them was often full of compromise. Sometimes I had nothing else in mind than a record contract, an album, a next step, whatever it was, and when it was finally there, it was over and out right away. Some new goal took over its place.

However, during the last few days it became clear to me that this journey we took was right the opposite, a long lasting series of beautiful moments, something to be remembered as a feeling, more than a purpose. And this is the way I want to live. I thank you all for that. I treasure it deep in my heart. 

So I will fight for a next chapter, for some events next year and let you all know as soon as possible. In the meantime I try to carry a little bit of our Kayumate into all the other worlds I find myself in, wherever it might fit.

See you all soon.


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